December 5, 2019

Dwight S.

"ANK just finished restoring the exterior of our house. They did a fabulous job. It took 5 days, what we expected. Everything about the experience was great. I can write a book on this, but will try to keep it short. Adrian (owner) is a very gracious, polite, respectful person. He was personally involved from start to finish. He had every opportunity to sell us more than we needed, but he didn’t. In addition to painting/restoring, we had him evaluate our roof for replacement. He could have sold us a new roof, but he didn’t – a HUGE cost avoidance. The paint crew (Gonzalo and Miguel – forgive me if I misspelled your names) demonstrated the same level of superb customer service: friendly, polite, courteous, respectful. They were on time every day, worked to the end, no lollygagging around – in the heat no less. A supervisor or Adrian was out daily to check on progress. In the end, I don’t know if ANK is the least expensive or not, and quite frankly given the level of superb cu"